Anna Sofie Koefoed

M.D., PhD student (enrolled 2019)

Department: Steno Diabetes Center and Gynecology and Obstetrics, Aarhus Aarhus University Hospital
Main supervisor: Per Glud Ovesen

Research Area

  • Diabetic complications

  • Epidemiology

  • Pathophysiology and diabetes pharmacology

Research titel and description

  • Short- and long-term effects of insulin resistance in pregnancy. The overall aim of my project is to describe the development and evaluate both short- and long-term effects of (severe) insulin resistance in pregnancy among women with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes during pregnancy is a condition with important implications for pregnancy outcomes and long-term morbidity in mother and offspring. However, it is sparsely described for women with type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, obtaining knowledge about the pathophysiological mechanisms behind severe insulin resistance during pregnancy, as well as the effects and consequences of insulin treatment could benefit the women and the future generation.

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