Kevin Marks

M.D., PhD student (enrolled 2020)

Department: Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, Aarhus University Hospital
Main supervisor: Niels Birkebæk

Research Area

  • Children, youth and pregnancy

Research title and description

  • Identifying problems upstream: A psychosocial follow-up cohort study to predict glycemic control, somatic and mental health problems in children with type 1 diabetes. My PhD project is about a 10-year follow-up cohort study which seeks to determine whether it is possible to use the baseline HbA1c, treatment adherence behaviors, psychological status, and family functioning of T1D youth and their parents to predict future HbA1c trajectories, body mass index standard deviation scores (BMISDS), the need for psychiatric care and T1D-related acute and late complications. I am highly interested in how asking the best possible questions could help clinicians to more reliably and accurately identify modifiable (somatic and psychosocial) variables in children and adolescents.

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