Lin Lin, PhD

Associate professor
+45 5333 5252

Principal Investigator

Research areas

  • Xenotransplantation, including islet transplantation
  • Genome recoding and synthetic biology
  • Endothelial biology and diseases
  • Single cell sequencing and OMICS biology.

Research description

  • Lin Lin is currently an associate professor in Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus and Department of Biomedicine in Aarhus University. Over the past decades, her main research interest is the improvement of applied genome technologies such as single cell RNA sequencing and gene editing, and the applications on studying the pathogenesis of human diseases, diseases treatment and the therapeutic potential target discoveries.
  • One unmet medical need, which her research is trying to provide a sustainable solution for, is the greatest shortage of organs for transplantation. This include the islet transplantation for treatment of diabetes.
  • Another research focus is to promote the understanding of diabetic complications and treatment of diabetes patients.

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