Julie Støy, MD, PhD

Clinician, clinical researcher and Associate Professor


Clinical activities (Danish)

Research team

Pathophysiology and diabetes pharmacology

Research areas

  • Monogenic diabetes (MODY)
  • Diabetes sub-classification
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Insulin resistance
  • Melatonin

Research description

My early work was focused on the genetics of neonatal diabetes. I described the relative contribution of various genetic causes of neonatal diabetes with emphasis on KATP mutations and importantly, I was part of the research group that discovered the role of insulin gene mutations in monogenic diabetes. My interest in monogenic diabetes has continued with detailed characterization of the pathophysiology of insulin gene mutations as well as RCTs in patients with MODY.

I have hands-on experience with metabolic physiology methods including clamp techniques, glucose tolerance tests, indirect calorimetry, MR spectroscopy, muscle and adipose tissue biopsies, western blotting and qPCR.

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