Camilla Blunk Brandt

PhD Student (enrolled 2021) 

Department: Biomedicine, Aarhus University
Main supervisor: Younghun Luo

Research areas

  • Diabetes complications

Research titel and description

Effects of Hyperglycemia on Endothelial Cell Functions at Single-Cell Level. One major diabetes complication is the adverse effects of hypoglycaemia (high glucose levels in the blood) on blood vascular functions. My project will investigate how hypoglycaemia causes endothelial cells dysfunctions by single-cell RNA sequencing.

Endothelial cell dysfunction plays a vital role in diabetes pathogenesis and -complications. I will perform single-cell RNA sequencing analysis of endothelial cells from clinical diabetes samples and cultured endothelial cells with high glucose medium in 2D- and 3D systems. This study will identify diabetes-associated endothelial cell phenotypes, signature genes, and specific functional processes. The discovery of diabetes-specific endothelial cell types and their expression genes will provide novel biomarkers for early diagnosis-, treatment-, and prevention of diabetes complications.

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