Christian Velling Thorup

MD, PhD student (enrolled Oct. 2023)

Department: Department of Cardiology, Aarhus University Hospital
Main supervisor: Henrik Wiggers

Research Area

  • Nutrition, obesity and lipid metabolism

  • Intersectorial research (Tværs)

Research description

  • Polyamine treatment in elderly patients with coronary artery disease
    Spermidine, a polyamine rich in plant-based diets, plays a crucial role in promoting healthy aging. Observations in humans shows that spermidine concentration in the blood diminishes with age, yet maintaining higher levels is associated with increased lifespan. Preclinical studies have demonstrated that dietary supplementation with spermidine can enhance insulin sensitivity, body composition, cellular regeneration, and mitochondrial health. My research investigates how supplemental spermidine affects metabolic processes and the functionality of skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, and gut microbiota in elderly patients with coronary artery disease, aiming to understand its therapeutic potential in age-related diseases.

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