Madison Clark

MSc, PhD student (enrolled March 2023)

Department: Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, Arhus University Hospital & Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University

Main supervisor: Emma Börgeson

Research Area

  • Nutrition, obesity and lipid metabolism

Research description

  • Lipoxin-Mediated Rescue of Murine Lymphatic Functions in Obesity Induced Cardiometabolic Disease
    Obesity-related cardiometabolic diseases are fueled by lymphatic dysfunction and adipose tissue inflammation. Traditional anti-inflammatory drugs have serious side effects. Therefore, we propose to use pro-resolving lipids (Lipoxins: LXA4 or LXB4) to enhance endogenous resolution mechanisms as an alternative strategy. We hypothesize that lipoxins attenuate obesity-induced cardiometabolic disease by promoting healthier lymphatic functions and reducing adipose tissue inflammation. A therapeutic strategy that tackles the inflammation and lymphatic dysfunction would thus have a significant clinical and socioeconomic impact.

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