Rikke Bjerre Lassen

Cand.scient.san.publ., PhD student (enrolled 2022)
Rielss@rm.dk - Rielss@clin.au.dk

Department: Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University
Main supervisor: Annesofie Lunde Jensen

Research Area

  • Diabetic complications
  • Epidemiology

Research description

  • Flexible Multidisciplinary Teams for Patients with Diabetes and Comorbidity: A Study of Patient Characteristics and Patient and Clinician Perspectives
    My PhD project focuses on flexible multidisciplinary team meetings as an intervention to manage the complex treatment of patients with diabetes and comorbidity. A MDT approach is well-established in several clinical specialties, however, its scope seems inadequate to handle the treatment needs of patients with diabetes and comorbidity. Thus, we need more knowledge about these patients and the impact of interventions to improve the patients' treatment and outcomes.

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