Livie/Yemeng Li 

Cand.scient., PhD student (enrolled Aug. 2023)

Department: Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus and Department of Public Health, Aarhus University
Main supervisor: Adam Hulman

Research Area

  • Epidemiology

Research description

  • Integration of fundus photographs in risk assessment of cardiovascular disease using deep learning
    I develop and apply deep learning methods to predict cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in type 1 diabetes patients by integrating fundus photographs in risk assessment while getting clinical insights with explainable artificial intelligence methods. Additionally, my project evaluates the fairness of the developed models and applies transfer learning and synthetic data generation to tackle potential biases. Both classical epidemiological and deep learning methods are used on data sources from a Dutch cohort and a Danish clinic complemented with register-based information. My project will contribute to the integration of rich data sources in clinical CVD risk assessment.

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