Jakob Østergaard, MD, PhD 

Clinical researcher and Associate Professor


Research team

Research areas

  • Diabetic kidney disease
  • Animal models
  • Complement system
  • Diabetes complication

Research description

  • I study adverse effects of the innate immune system’s complement cascade in diabetic kidney disease using animal models and clinical data with special focus on the pattern-recognition molecules of the lectin pathway of complement activation, e.g., MBL and H-ficolin.
  • Clinical studies link MBL and H-ficolin to diabetic kidney disease, which is supported by causal effects of MBL in animal studies. Also, genetically determined high MBL levels is associated with increased all-cause in diabetes patients.
  • Additional studies support that the hypothesized interactions between diabetes-induced glycations and pattern-recognition molecules of the complement system, e.g., MBL, may underlie complement attack in diabetes.

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