Ninna Lund Larsen

M.D., PhD Student (enrolled 2022)

Department: Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Main supervisor: Jens Fuglsang

Research areas

  • Children, youth and pregnancy

Research titel and description

Insulin sensitivity in gestational diabetes mellitus. I investigate characteristics and predicting factors for recurrent gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and evaluate continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) as a tool in treatment of GDM. GDM is one of the most common pregnancy disorders. Women diagnosed with GDM in one pregnancy have 40-50% risk of developing GDM in following pregnancies. CGM is shown to be an effective tool in treatment of pregnant women with Type 1 Diabetes, resulting in improved neonatal outcomes – but little is known of the use of CGM in GDM pregnancies. Hopefully, my results will contribute to tailoring of more effective treatment and prevention strategies of GDM.

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