Register data are used in both clinical studies and epidemiological studies. Guidelines for working with register data on Statistics Denmark as well as a checklist for initiating new research projects are presented below.

Instructions for access to DST

Terms and conditions for working at Statistics Denmark with authorisation by Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus

Access to DST by SDCA authorisation (no. 574)

Data processing agreement

Data security

Permission to transfer results

Procedures for registering of projects at DST

Checklist for new research projects

When initiating a new research project there are several points to be aware of. Information on some important steps on the way to start at new project are presented below, including links to procedures and access to application forms.

Registration of research projects

The Central Denmark Region Committee on Health Research Ethics (Videnskabsetisk komite)

Access to medical records without patient consent

Access to register data - Statistics Denmark

Access to register data - The Danish Health Data Authority (Sundhedsdatastyrelsen)

Data processing and data transfer agreement