Daniel R. Witte, MD, PhD



Principal Investigator

Research areas

  • Longitudinal studies
  • Epidemiology of diabetes complications
  • Family and social network impact on diabetes
  • Screening for diabetes
  • Risk models for diabetes and its complications

Research description

  • My main research interest is in studying pathophysiological mechanisms which determine the transition from normal glucose control via pre-diabetes to diabetes and the early stages of its complications at the level of large populations.
  • I have a special focus on longitudinal trajectory analyses and analysis of clustering of diabetic complications.
  • My work uses data from several large longitudinal studies, such as the Inter99 and ADDITION trials, the ADDITION-PRO and Whitehall II cohorts, as well as routine medical and population registers in Denmark, which allow the enrichment of cohort datasets with data on the long-term consequences of diabetes and its clinical management. 

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