Ditte Smed Kornum

PhD student (enrolled 2021)

Department: Hepatogastroenterology
Main supervisor: Klaus Krogh

Research Area

  • Diabetic complications

Research description

  • Diabetic gastroenteropathy: Minimally invasive assessment and treatment
    A widespread dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract (diabetic gastroenteropathy) is often seen in patients with diabetes, primarily caused by autonomic neuropathy. Treatment of diabetic gastroenteropathy is a challenge and response to treatment is often unsatisfactory. In my PhD we aim to further describe colonic motility in patients with diabetes by performing simultaneous High Resolution Colonic Manometry and a capsulebased motility-test called 3D-Transit. In addition, we aim to evaluate transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (active vs sham) against gastrointestinal symptoms in diabetic patients.

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