Medical/Steno Research Laboratory (M-Lab) is a highly specialised clinical research lab with a distinct focus on metabolism, diabetes, endocrinology, adiposity and nutrition.

  • We carry out advanced “state-of-the-art” metabolic studies in patients and healthy subjects.
  • We conduct invasive, mechanistic clinical trials to identify physiology, disease processes and effects of treatments.
  • We develop hormone and metabolite analyses to improve biological understanding, diagnosing and treatment.
  • We forge and advance cell and tissue models to define and understand cellular processes of diseases.
  • We conduct clinical research trials employing biomarkers for identification of late diabetic complications and cardiovascular disease.

Medical/Steno Research Laboratory focus on patient safety and high-quality data, and comply with all pertinent national/international guidelines.


Niels Møller
Head of M-lab
+ 45 2536 8866

Niels Jessen
Head of Research
+45 2859 6352